Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Callie is Two

Well Callie just about had the best 2nd birthday any little sick girl plagued with a horrendous cold can have. It was a delightful day filled with lunch and Toys R Us with Grammy, dinner, cake and icecream, and presents! I will post pictures, but can't find the cord currently. So, here's my thoughtful thoughts for now.

I love Callie. I mean, I just love this girl. She is sweet and kind, and I frequently think of just how blessed we are to have her. I've been amazed with how quickly she progresses from day to day and how much of a desire she has to learn. At two she's far beyond what is expected of her developmentally, and she just awes everyone we meet. She is beautiful and warm and practically perfect.

Yesterday I spent some time thinking of Callie's birthmom. I imagine that yesterday may have been a painful day for her, but I pray that it will filled with peace knowing that she did the right thing and that Callie is a part of a family that just adores her.

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Jill T said...

Happy Birthday to cute Callie! She is so adorable! Sammy is darling too and I loved seeing the pics of her as well--I can't believe how dark her hair was as a baby. It was fun to catch up on your blog!


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