Friday, January 8, 2010

Sharing a Room

So, tonight the girls are sharing a room for the first time. We could've/should've/would've done it sooner, but we haven't for 1,000,000+ reasons, but tonight is the night. I'm not sure how it'll go. I'm planning on it taking some time for adjustment...but any of you who have any input (When one cries, do I go in or not? Do I adjust bedtime so it's the same for both of them? Will we survive this change?) please feel free to leave a comment of advice or encouragement. Either one will work. I'm a little nervous, but really looking forward to having a baby-free bedroom again.

And now, a word from Callie (who happens to think that tonight will be "FUN" sharing a room with Sammy)...

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mj said...

i have no tips or suggestions of any kind...but i'm sending happy, sleepy thoughts your way. :)

Nola said...

Our kids have not shared rooms and probably won't until we have another baby (we use to live in a 1 bedroom apartment and Matyas slept in our bathroom and Amaya in our living room, but never in the same room), so I don't have any expertise in this matter. With that honesty up front, one thing we do with Matyas because Amaya has a loud scream is tell him "Amaya might cry for awhile, but she is ok, so you can just go back to bed."
Anyway, Matyas and Callie are about the same age, so it might help Callie. Now every time we put Matyas to bed he reminds that Amaya might cry for a few minutes. Aren't kids great!

Heather said...

Lucy and Garrett share a room and it works out just fine. They do nap in seperate rooms because they are such different nappers it just works better. Lucy goes to bed first and then we add Garrett later. He goes to bed usually 30 mins after her, but if they do go to bed at the same time it is no big deal because she looks at books in her bed until she falls asleep anyways. When he wakes up to eat it doesn't even bother her. Good Luck!!


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