Friday, January 8, 2010

Callie's Birthday Pictures

Callie's birthday was January 5. I can't believe that she's TWO already. It feels like it wasn't that long ago that we flew out to Michigan to pick her up. But, two she is. And she is quite the two year old.
A little about Callie:
She loves running and dancing.
She loves taking Elmo on walks.
She loves doing things herself.
She loves to color and "write."
She LOVES books.
She can't get enough of anything sugary.
She also loves dried mangos.
She loves Sammy's Pediasure and every morning pathetically requests "chocolate milk," in a tone that screams "I can't live if I don't drink it." (She calls every flavor 'chocolate milk.')
She is concerned with equality. It's important to her that Sammy gets whatever she, herself, gets.
She loves attention.
She loves to vacuum and sweep the flour.
She loves turning the dishwasher on when it's time to start it up.
She loves helping me cook.
She loves baths.
She's gotten really good at letting me do her hair without complaint.
She loves Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Caillou, and Monkey George (Curious George).
She insists on kissing everyone on both cheeks before going to bed.
She won't say bedtime prayers without Daddy present.
She sings "I Am a Child of God" along with us before bed.
And she's one of the highlights of my day.

I let Callie have a spoonful of the frosting I made for her cake. She was pretty happy about that.

Princess and the Frog. I debated over a lot of different cakes for her this year, but The Princess Frog won. I had to work with what I got, but here's the comparison. I know it's not perfect, but as soon as Callie saw it, she screamed in delight "Takanana." So, she knew who the cake was. (Explanation: I thought The Princess Frog's name was Tatiana. So, when Callie got a Tatiana doll for Christmas, Callie started calling her Takanana -- it's close to Tatiana I suppose. Well, we went to the movie and that's when I learned her name is Tiana. Ohhhhh. Woops. Well, she'll always be Takanana in our home. Maybe I'll do some research before I give my kids information from now on.)

Eating cake and icecream.

Reading her birthday "books."

Here Callie models her gifts. Thanks Hunter, Jackson, and Brayden for the princess crown and necklace. Callie loves it! Since Callie loves to cook, I made her a little apron to wear when we cook. I just used scraps from the quilt I'm making her. It's not perfect, and really, for people who sew they will probably think it's ridiculous -- but this was no small feat for me. I just made it up as I went. Oh well. It'll do for now.

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Little Callie Cal


yellow buttercups said...

thanks so much for sharing photos. What a birthday Callie! Wow on the cake and apron Jenny that is SO neat! What a pic of Callie in all her finery!

maryirene said...

happy birthday callie! fantastic cake by the way. i can't believe she is two!! how cool.


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