Friday, May 14, 2010

Amazing Little Lady

My Callie is sure one amazing little lady. She is constantly surprising me with her physical abilities. How she is able to climb up, twist around, balance over, and get to where she want to be is beyond what I would ever imagine doing myself. She is smart and just plainly talented. Callie is also very independent. She likes to be guided, but she really likes to figure things out.

On Mother's Day, we went over to Granny and Grandpa Baldwin's house. There, someone has a little scooter. She tried it out, fell, and was upset. All she needed was a little encouragement and she had her mind set. I said, "It's ok Callie. Did you fall down? Now get up, you can do it, and try it again." She did and she got really good at it really fast. I love my little girl. She's just great!

So, here she is with one of her first attempts. Walking side she feels safer, but she'll attempt to get on from time to time. And then, she falls. She was none too happy about this one.

But soon after, she gets on with ease. That's my little champ.

And even though she's really upset here (we told her it was time to go inside -- oh the horror!), I still think it's a really cute picture of her!

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The Nelsons said...

What a cute girl!! I'm always impressed at how fast Greta goes on her scooter. She can out scoot me. :)


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