Monday, May 24, 2010

Jelly Belly

This post is dedicated to Greg and Julie Massey. That's right. The Massey's. We thought of you the entire time we were touring the Jelly Belly Factory.

The weekend of the 1/2 marathon, we took a little trip to the Jelly Belly Factory. I mean, why not? You get to wear these awesome hats, and you get samples along the way. Everyone is happy.

They wanted Callie to try to wear this hair net. She's wasn't too thrilled about that. Luckily the guy said she could take it off, though an old grandma was pretty insistent she wear it. Sorry lady. And Sammy didn't have to wear her hat (it covered her entire head!), instead she chewed it for most of the tour.

These portraits -- 100% Jelly Belly beans! Wow.

Our kiddos weren't too cooperative here. Oh well.
Sammy, Callie, Jackson, Hunter

Yeah! Here's proof that we do fun things!

Though it looks as if both Samantha and Callie are in protest to this picture, this truth is that it was really windy and really bright. They're still cute.

Bye Jelly Belly! Thanks for all the samples!

1 comment:

Matthew and Hailey said...

Yummy! What a fun activity! I don't think most kids would be thrilled about a hair net either.


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