Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Sister

A while back, I was debating if I should take a babysitting job. I asked your advice. I thought about it a lot. I had decided that I would let her decide. So I told her up front why I would love to do it, and then some of my concerns. I knew she was talking with someone else about it too. So, I wasn't surprised when she went with the other mom, and I have to say, it has worked out really well. My main reason for taking the job would be for money...but I've been able to increase my tutoring load and I'm cleaning a house -- so the income has been just fine (in fact, better). So there's what happened with that.

However, the past few weeks I've been watching the little cutie while his babysitter is out of town. He is such an easy kiddo, generally happy, good sleeper. Great kid. And I can't tell you how excited Callie gets when he comes over. She screams his name and runs to the door. They play together and he seems to love her just as much.

It's harder to prepare a child for another baby when your not pregnant. It's even more abstract, in my opinion. So, I've been doing whatever I can to get her involved in our adoption process. We talk about having a baby. Luckily, she really wants one.

"Do you want a brother or sister?"

We've gotten many different responses ranging from brother, sister, and both. Once she said she wanted a brother. "So you want a boy?" "Nooooo, a geeerl." hm Obvious confusion there. But either way, it's so fun to see her play with this little kiddo -- and it makes me really excited for when that new baby comes, one day, and Callie becomes a big sister. She'll be pretty awesome.

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Porters said...

it is fun to catch up on your blog...cute fun times! I love seeing what you guys are up to.


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