Monday, September 20, 2010

Callie Gets It

Tonight, before dinner, I asked Callie if she wanted to say the prayer or if she wanted me to. The little conversation went something like this:

Me: Callie, do you want to say the prayer, or do you want me to say it?

Callie: How 'bout Sammy?

Me: No Callie. Do you want to say it, or do you want me to say it?

Callie: How 'bout Sammy say it?

Me: Callie, Sammy can't say the prayer. She can't talk.

Callie: Sammy can talk.

Me: No Callie. I'm sorry sweetie. She can't.

Callie: Sammy talk today.

Me: Really?

Callie: In therapy.

Me: Yeah?

Callie: Yes Mommy. Sammy say, "I go I go I go I go."

Oh the grin on Callie's face was priceless. She knew she was right. There really is something magical in children. They get it. They see things more clearly. Of course Sammy can talk. She says "I go" all the time. And I'm really convinced that she says other things...yet I gave the blanket statement that she can't talk. Thanks Callie for reminding me of Sammy's abilities, and reminding me of her potential. You're one special girl Callie Green.


The Nelsons said...

I love the sibling bond in kids - it's really so sweet and tender. :)

Ashley DeMille said...

Oh, Callie sounds so amazing. I would just love to meet her sometime. I guess I did when she was a baby, but it would be so fun to have her come play.


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