Monday, September 27, 2010

Hemp Powder

Good morning world. It's Monday morning, 5:30am. Who's blogging at 5:30am? I am, but only because Samantha is awake, so I'm awake...but I refuse to go into her room until at least 6am. She's been on this waking-up-at-4am spell, and we're done. So, she's going to have to moan and whine until I decide she can come out. And then there's no falling back asleep on the couch. So, to keep her from falling asleep on the couch, I have to stay awake...and that means I'm already preparing her breakfast and blogging. I've got to wake up here. Yes. The duties of a mother are endless.
So, let me share another new discovery.
I was reading a book (yes, reading...still not finished because I left it in Michigan and am awaiting it's promised return) called The China Study. This book was extremely insightful and made me think a lot about my animal protein intake. Now, I'm not about to tell you all to go vegan, but it was very interesting the 20+ years of research indicating animal protein in many serious illnesses. You can't help but be stunned about it and then stop and reconsider how much you, yourself, are eating...and what that may mean to your health. (oooo Samantha's mad now...she really wants out)

Let me say this first. Back when Sammy was but a wee lass, I was told she was "failure to thrive." She was tiny. Always has been. So, I was told to bulk up. Cream. Butter. More cream. Something about that never sat right with me. I'm not saying it's wrong for everyone out there and their babies, but I thought...isn't there a better way to give her added calories and fat without clogging her arteries at 1.5 years old? So, I did a lot of avocado. At this time in the morning, I can't think of anything else I did, but I remember I didn't give her a butter stick and tell her to have at it. I've always been inclined to think about what plants (fruits, vegetables, and grains) we can use for better health (not that I'm a shining example of health mind you. I love a good steak!).
The China Study. I'm not to the point where I'm giving up meat or animal products...I just can't do that. But based on the research, he does suggest a vegan lifestyle. I'm not a vegan. BUT, I am looking at other plant sources for protein. There is a lot of plant based proteins out there that are really good for you and don't have any saturated fat. So, why not try?

Recently I stumbed across this.

So, I bought it. And when you open the bag, it looks like this...
which is not what I was expecting. I'm not sure why I didn't expect this. It is a plant after all. But I tried it. I threw some of it into a smoothie for some instant protein. Well, I wasn't the biggest fan. It's not bad, and I could acquire a taste for it, I'm just not sure if I want to. It's pretty strong. It reminded me of 6th grade when I, along with everyone else, started making hemp necklaces. There was a distinct grainy smell to it. The taste of hemp powder is like taking that necklace and chewing on it.
But the benefits to hemp powder are tremendous. Read for yourself.
"Even though it’s a plant, hemp is, unexpectedly, a complete protein. It consists of all twenty known amino acids, including those ten that are designated as essential for human health. Just to get our terminology right, a protein is considered complete when it not only contains the ten essential amino acids, but when those amino acids are in the correct quantity and proportion for the body to utilize them. So, in terms of complete protein, hemp is up there with the best. But, it doesn’t just end there. Hemp also contains the essential fatty acids needed for good health in the perfect balance – that is one of Omega 3 to each three of Omega 6. And, if that wasn’t enough, the insoluble fiber content of hemp organic protein powder works to keep your blood sugar level stable, as well as ensuring that your bowel movements are regular. If you look on the ingredient label, you’ll see that all the carb content is fiber, making it perfect for a low carb diet."
A healthnut and an avid whey protein drinker took a 2 month challenge. He used it for 2 months in replacement from his whey protein and found that, though it wasn't as tasty, the benefits were surprising. Even though it wasn't an animal based protein, it didn't negatively affect his gym workout and muscle mass, (this guy is a body builder and is concerned about those muscles of his), he felt healthier, and encourages others to try it. You can read about it here.
Will I use this often? Not sure. But I do add a few scoops to Sammy's oatmeal. The taste really isn't that bad and is covered up anyway with a little brown sugar. It starts her morning off with some good healthy protein. It makes me feel good providing a good start to her day. I still add it to my smoothies, just not as much as I did before. It's not cheap stuff, but you don't use as much as you would with other protein powders -- I'm assuming because there aren't any fillers and sweetners. I don't know. Anyway. It's a really good healthy option, and I'm glad I stumbled across it.
Now, Samantha is sufficiently very angry at me for not coming in to get her. Amazingly, Callie is still asleep. And the oatmeal, laced with hemp, is done. I'm signing off.
Have a great day!


AJ said...

Have you tried quinoa? It is pretty high in protein and other benefits and actually fairly tasty. I just tried it for the first time recently and liked it a lot.

Jenny said...

Yeah, quinoa is great. I need to use it more, but I use that as breakfast cereal sometimes for Sammy too.


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