Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, Callie wasn't super into dance (I still need to upload some of that stuff).  She was cute, just not into it.  This time, she decided to try gymnastics.  She liked it better, but is still asking me for soccer.  I will get to soccer as soon as it fits our schedule.  Promise.  On the last day of class they had a "demonstration."  I was so impressed with how she did.  She wasn't the best (out of the 4 kids), but she was so serious and proud of herself.  I loved cheering her on.  Oh how I love my Callie.

We got this same picture 3 times.  She's obviously too cool to take a picture with her teacher.  Her little trophy is upside down on her finger.  Nice Callie.  Real nice.  What a goof.


Kimba said...

that's the trophy?!! lol hilarious! i love it, that face is killer.

Laura said...

Great picture! You have to have some of those ones! They give the best memories and stories!
If you're in Provo, I know that they do soccer sometime in the Fall if Callie wanted to try it here.


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