Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Do It?

Back in the heat of August (in Florida, mind you!), 2008, we headed out to Disney World as a family.  It was quite the Haubert Family Reunion.  Yes it was hot.  Yes it was muggy.  Yes, it was perfect.  Some people wonder why others would go through the stress of planning trips with young children.  Marcus even, sometimes, feels that way.  And I get it.  But I have such fond memories of family vacations growing up, and when I look back at these pictures I found on my dad's computer, I have only fond memories of that week in Disney.  To me, the family vacations, the traveling, the expense, the packing, the luggage, the... is all worth it. 

I have always felt this way, but since Samantha was born, those feelings have been intensified.  Perhaps it's because her life has caused me to think more about living each day to the fullest.  I'm not the best, but I try.  But, I believe having kids in general makes you think more about this kind of stuff.  Ya know? 

So, here's to sweaty August days, waiting in lines, and Samantha throwing up on the airplane.  It's all worth it to me.

Our Tinkerbell meeting Disney's Tinkerbell.

And leaning in for the hug.  This threw Tinkerbell off...but Samantha must have felt close to this little fairy.

See, happy.

Despite Callie's face...and Samantha's...they were happy during this trip.

Can't wait to do it again one day.

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