Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jumping Jacks

Well, I'm a little behind on things I wanted to write about.  Oh well.

Yesterday, after therapy, we needed to go have some fun.  We needed to just ~ have fun.  One of the therapists at Now I Can gave me some discounted passes to a place called Jumping Jacks not too far from here.  We went, and we loved it!  Then we hit Cafe Rio.  It was a pretty great afternoon.

Sammy was sooo happy!

And our little dare devil Callie -- she was all about doing it herself .  It was pretty fun to watch her.

So, I like this picture of Sammy because you can really see her standing straighter.  Sometimes I still think "Is this therapy doing anything?"  But then I see this and realize...look at her shoulders pulled back, she's standing straight up, etc.  She may look a little crazy, but she's standing straight.

Aw.  Sammy's so cute.  And ... my hair is brown.

So.  Much.  Fun.

This was just what we needed.  A day of fun.

This is moments before Marcus drops her down the big slide.  She loved it.  Check out the video.

I think this video is hilarious.  Samantha loved the slide, which is great.  But it's Callie that makes this so fun.  She runs up and tackles Sammy after she gets down.  Ahhhh sister love.  Sometimes I'm reminded of just how perfectly imperfect our family is.  I love that Callie and Samantha have this bond that only true sisters have.  It doesn't matter their background...these 2 are sisters ~ in every meaning of the word.

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