Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kneeling and Standing

We, able bodies, take positions like kneeling and standing for granted.  But, when you can't do those things, and then begin to...and do it  It's pretty awesome. 

Today I caught some video of the Lil' Samsquatch kneeling and standing.  Yes, she's in her suit so that helps, but not until today could she hold a position this long.  She's a champ.

As a side note: Brady is the volunteer today.  I find Sammy growing an affection with him -- and it occurred to me that he looks like David!  As in, cousin David.  Family, any of you agree?  Susan, could Brady be your son?  I think so.


Kimba said...

AMAZING!!!!! Yeah, Sammy!!

mj said...

these posts make me want to improve my own posture!


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