Monday, December 12, 2011

Two for Tonight

I have a ton of reasons why I love Callie, and I try to tell her regularly...but for tonight, here's just two.

One: Today it rained.  While driving in the car, Callie asked, "Why does it rain?"  I replied as I have in the past.  I gave her the scientific reason (for a 3 year old comprehension) ~ the clouds hold water and when they can't hold anymore, they let the water go.  She then says, "It's cloud pee."  "Um, yeah, kind of like that I guess."   I couldn't help but laugh.  I mean, really?  I couldn't help but laugh.  The thing is, she knew she was being funny when she said it.  She knows why it rains.  If you had asked her, she'd be able to tell you.  But I thought it was kind of clever (albeit, probably inappropriate)...and come people.  That's funny stuff right there.  The clouds can't hold it in anymore so they pee rain?  Funny.

Two:  After reading some books, I let her watch I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown.  I knew she'd be up too late, so I made sure she was ready for bed so right when it was done she could go to bed.  I was watching it with her but got up to finish something up in the other room.  At 8:30pm, she comes to me and smiles.  "Are you ready for bed Callie?"  She shakes her head in the affirmative...and off to bed we go.  I scratch her back and she's out.  Callie has always been such a great sleeper and understands her need for sleep relatively well. 

Just two reasons for tonight...


Gordon and Robyn said...

Cloud pee :) That is pretty clever and I have never thought of it like that before. Another good reason to use an umbrella.

hilary said...

So awesome. I love 3 year old humor. And, can I borrow her sometime so maybe she can explain to Adam his need for sleep. :-) Hugs!

Laura said...

Wonderful reasons! I'll have to share the cloud pee story with my husband! He'll love it!


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