Friday, April 6, 2012


I have been so not good at keeping our blog updated since being here at therapy.  I truly believed I would...but this time has been much different.  I have struggled with feeling sick.  I have been planning parts of YW Camp from here.  AND, I'm trying the best I can to help Diane plan Sweatin' for Sammy again. 

Sweatin' for Sammy.  I'm not even the "event coordinator" and it stresses me out beyond belief!  Sweatin' for Sammy -- yes I'll be doing it while I run the 10K that day with her in the stroller, BUT I'm doing plenty of pre-sweatin' as we plan.  Seriously.  I'm starting to fear that people won't register.  That no one will show up.  That sponsorships won't pull through.  That we won't get all the food and water we need.  That it'll be a wash.  And it  S T R E S S E S   me out.  I have people here who know people in California...and they're sending emails out...but this whole business is scary.

On another note, Samantha's been doing really well.  I'm proud of her.  Four weeks is a long time and I think she's tired and done.  She can hang in's her last day after all.  And, we've already scheduled her next session for August.  I did take videos yesterday that I meant to get posted, however, Marcus came in town and we celebrated his birthday, and I was just happy he was here.  Videos will come later.  Perhaps even when we get back home.

The point:

Life is good.

Register for Sweatin' for Sammy -- and recruit a friend, or 50, with you!  Go to the website before prices go up! 

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