Sunday, April 29, 2012

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Great book!

Back in 2009, I believe, I attended a Writer's Workshop at BYU.  I only attended the afternoon sessions, though I wish I could have done it all day long.  The mornings were actual workshop time when you met as individual groups with an author.  There you wrote and shared what you wrote, got feedback, edited, etc.  What an incredible experience that would have been.  But, I had 2 kids and felt extremely blessed to have great friends who watched the girls while I attended the afternoon "lectures."  Fantastic!  I feel like I learned so much and would absolutely love to attend the conference again one day.

Many of the authors/editors suggested this book.  It is a book, they all said, that will help you write more better (as Callie would say).  Last year, I bought the $1.25.  It was worth every penny.  In fact, I would have paid $1.50 for it!  It's that good.

No, but really.  There are many things I loved about the book.  A few include the fact that Ms. Goldberg made me look at writing in a different way.  She offers exercises you can actually do to improve your writing, if you are looking for that.  It's written very conversationally.  It's an enjoyable read.  I felt, just by reading it, I became a touch better in my writing...only because it really made me think differently.  One thing I love about this book is it can be read slowly.  It took me about a year to read this book because other things kept taking priority.  But, I wondered if it was meant to be read that way ~ slowly.  Each chapter can be thought about for a few days, weeks, months even.  

I'm glad I bought the book because I'll definitely refer back to it, especially when I feel like I'm in a writing slump.  This is a great book for anyone who enjoys writing.

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Courtney said...

I love that book! I read it in high school. Definitely need to pull it back out and read it again.


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