Saturday, August 18, 2012


Well, we have ourselves here a fish.

Callie loves her swim lessons.  LOVES them.  At first she wasn't too keen about going under, but now, she loves it.

Something happened to her when they put on that swim cap and those goggles.  Oh boy.  Watch out world, Callie's a' swimmin'.  What is partly so fun is seeing her confidence increase.  Her teacher, Mindy, didn't suggest she jump off the diving board.  Oh no.  Callie asked if she could.  She's not quite ready for it so Mindy held her hand.  Callie was so proud of herself.  I love it.  Honestly, I've been so proud of her that I've even teared up.  I'm a dork. But it's true.  She just beams and I love it.

This is not her sincere, beaming face.  This is her "take another picture, Mommy" face.

She has talked about swimming lessons when we get back to California.  Guess I'll have to look around.  These have been so exemplary, I need to make sure I find something that can keep up but still allows us to eat something other than canned beans for dinner.  (I love beans by the way.)

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