Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Already

I have this weird thing when it comes to therapy here at Now I Can.  Maybe it's because it's not cheap.  But each day is so important to me.

We have been here THREE days.  Only 3 days.  And last night, Tuesday night...our 2nd day, I said to my friend, "Tomorrow's Wednesday, which means there's only Thursday and Friday left.  The first week is almost over!"  Ok.  We had only been there 2 days.  TWO days.  But, now, it's already Wednesday of the first week.  We start the weeks: Monday, and I think everything is fine.  But as soon as Tuesday hits, I start to think the week is passing by too quickly.  I'm weird.  I know.  But, come's Wednesday Already!

Sammy's doing well today.  We both slept much better diffusing Breathe (a mix of a bunch of different essential oils that help you...breathe) as we slept.  Honestly, I haven't slept that well for about a week, at least.  Sammy slept great too.  The night before, she has been waking up because she'd get stuffed up.  So, it was nice to have clear nasal passages.  It's conducive to sleeping, that whole breathing thing.  And it's nice, quite frankly.  I woke Callie up and brought her to Provo with us.  She's spending the day with Bryan...who deserves a blog post all to himself ~ a tribute to Bryan if you will.  He offered to play with her while I'm here with Sammy.  Callie's been playing with Caitlin...the little girl who lives where we are staying...and it's been going well.  It is nice, though, for them to take a break and for Callie to spend time with Bryan.  When I woke her up, before she even opened her eyes, she asked me, "Are we going to see Bryan?"  She was pretty excited.

So far, Sammy's happy.  She's cried a few times, but she's doing super well.  She's happy.  I'm happy.  The universe is happy.  Her schedule each day looks something like this:

8:00 am -- Stretching and Myofacial Release
I love this picture.  I mean, who doesn't love Cat in the Hat while someone is stretching you? 

9:00 am -- Neurosuit
10:00 am -- Spider Cage

She's laughing here.  Seriously.

10:30 am -- Stander/Snack (Mommy Time)
blurry, but dang cute

My golly.
She's so cute...a little crazy...but cute.

11:00 am -- Functional Activities (working on daily, functional stuff)
11:30 am -- Gait Re-Education  (that's right, relearning how to specifically walk)

Wahoo Sammers.  You're a champ!

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