Friday, October 11, 2013

#3 is Gone

Callie's tooth has been loose for about a couple weeks now.  She has very carefully been wiggling it, but at the current wiggle rate, it was still a few weeks before it was going to be coming out.  

Today, Callie and Micah tagged along to Samantha's neurology appointment.  I kept Micah strapped into the stroller because I knew if I took him out, he'd not want to get back in.  But, he also wasn't too happy to stay in that stroller after awhile.  Callie, being the great big sister that she is, went over and tried to distract him.  He was not to be distracted.  Rudely, he took his hand and swiped Callie in the mouth.  I was in the middle of talking to the doctor, so when she curled up to me quietly crying, I just put my arm around her and tried to comfort her the best I could given the circumstances.  Moments later, she pulled away and pulled her bloody tooth out of her mouth.  Bloody tooth.  Literally.  

She was no longer crying, but shocked that Micah had ripped her tooth out.  It was still a little sore, but that went away as the doctor and I did the Lost Tooth Celebration.  

This is just 1 more reminder that Callie's growing up.  While we were in the doctor's office waiting (before the tooth was lost), I was flooded with this love for Callie.  I even teared up .  I just love her so much.  I gave her a big hug.

"Callie, do you know what you are?"
"You're my daughter and I love you.  But you're also my buddy.  I love you so so much."

It's true.  She's my bud.  I love this girl and her toothless grimace.

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