Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Spoiler Alert:  Yes, I will divulge some info, but I'm also one of the last people to have read this we're probably safe.

Ok.  Admittedly, I read Catching Fire and Mockingjay in just a couple days.  So I'm not quite sure which book I'm talking about.  I may blend it all together.  But, here I go:

I have completely mixed feelings about this book.  I was so into it.  It was exciting I really was riveted to the book.  President Snow made me sick.  I was heartbroken thinking about Cinna being brutally.  But I kept going, looking for the resolution.  How will the revolution end?  Will Katniss kills Snow?  Can she?  I mean, I want her to, but when it comes to that moment, will she be able to?  And what about Gale and Peeta?  I went in a Gale fan and wanted to see how this would all play out.  I was anxious and didn't want to put the book down.  So, I stayed awake until 2am finishing it.  And that's when I remembered a couple years ago when my friends had read it...their reviews saying something about being disappointed.

I was so into it, and then, the last chapter....right as she was about to shoot Snow...I wasn't surprised at all at the turn of events.  But it was the chapter after that that ruined it for me.  Ugh.  Maybe it's more realistic for her to have some time as a fairly vacant being.  But it just was so disappointing.  Katniss is this powerhouse, and I just felt deflated when she was broken.  Forget about the fact that Peeta was hijacked and was ruined...I mean, in a way I relieved.  I thought this solidified Gale's place.  But Peeta came back.  And there was the increasing distance growing between Gale and Katiss anyway.  But really?  For her to just break like that?

I suppose it's good that her life went on with Peeta.  They had a family.  And how could surviving what they did NOT affect her like it did.  But this is a book of fiction.  And I was looking for more kick butt, stick it to the Capitol stuff.  And I was disappointed.  Boo

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Sydney Black said...

It's probably much more realistic to the brutality of war or whatever to have Katniss end up so broken...but it really doesn't make for a very good ending :( I just read 'Mockingjay' the once and haven't been able to bring myself to read it again because it's just kind of a bummer ending... Oh well. Team Gale ALL the way! ;)


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