Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday with the Family

We don't see some of our extended family as much as we'd like...and yes, I'm referring to Micah's birth family.  But tonight, they came over for dinner, dessert, and fun.  And we finally shared our Christmas gifts with each other!

We gave Lindsey and her mom some of my sugar scrubs and a potted bulb that should turn into a beautiful flower.  That's the plan anyway.  They both looked like they were struggling, but time will tell.  At least it's a really pretty pot.  We also gave Lindsey a book ornament of Micah's hand print.  It's supposed to be an ornament, but his print is so big, we joked about it being a wall hanging, a coaster, a plate...anything but an ornament!  I had these done when he was around 9 mths old.  I wanted Lindsey to have that...a hand she could always touch and see.  I loved how it turned out and we got the reaction I was hoping for.  She loved it.

The!  Between gifts from Great-grandma Sheila, Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Mike, and Lindsey and Bud...they made out like bandits!

Stuffed animals
Awesome old school blocks
A car that lights up
Clothes for Little Man M
A plastic pool for the backyard
AND...a bag of 100 plastic balls which are killer awesome.  Seriously, the kids love them and they are perfect for Sammy, Callie, and Micah.  Hours of fun ahead.

AND, to top it off, Lindsey got us a gift (as if she needs to do that!).  Have you heard of Yonanas?  I hadn't until I opened the gift, but I have to say, I'm so so so excited to try it out.

We don't see this wonderful people enough.

Micah and Daddy lounging and watching the fun

Micah with Lindsey's phone.  How surprising...Micah holding a phone?!

Everyone playing and chatting

Grandpa Mike, Steve, Lindsey, Micah, Callie, Grandma Cindy, Sammy

Lindsey, Steve, Me
Do I really look that tired?

Until next time....

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