Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 Points for Warm Weather

When it's hot, it's hot.  And uncomfortable.  And can be really intolerable at times.  But, we're not there yet.  And we have been enjoying us some time in our little kiddie pool.

I think each of the kids give this warm/slightly hot/ok, really hot weather 1 point.  Way to go hot weather.  Somehow, we're able to all stay cool and happy anyway.

Or maybe, maybe it's not the weather who should score all the points...maybe it's the water!
I hope no therapists are seeing the way Sammy is sitting.  I know!  It's bad.  But she was moving around, I swear.  She wasn't sitting like that the whole time.

Is Micah about to pounce?

Drying off

Yep, Sammy got him in the face

1 comment:

The Nelsons said...

Sammy's arms are seriously so muscular. What a champ!


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