Saturday, May 31, 2014


Sammy has always had a tight bond with Callie.  As an infant, Callie could sense Sammy's seizures before they hit.  They played together.  Attacked each other.  Cuddled together.  And slept in the same room together for many years.  Since we've lived in this new house, the kids have each had their own bedroom, but Callie asks to sleep in Sammy's room so they can have sleep-overs together.  It's something she looks forward to...being with her sister.  She loves Sammy for who she is, and likes being with her.  Callie is spunky, full of energy...never a dull moment.  She's very passionate, has strong opinions, and her presence demands an audience.  She's super social, making friends where ever she goes.  She is strong, but can be gentle.  She is outspoken, but can demonstrate restraint.  She's adventurous, but also cautious before she leaps.  She brings me so much joy.  Callie has been my pal for quite some time.  It took many years before Micah came along.  We spent days laughing together.  And we even cried together when one of the adoptions fell through before Micah.  She is thoughtful and constantly is giving toys away to her friends!  She is my sunshine.

Micah is an angel.  He is smart, active, cuddly, and a basketball pro in the making.  We waited a long time for Micah.  At times I was discouraged, and just plain sad.  There were 3 different babies we thought were going to be in our family.  Three separate times our hearts were broken.  But then, Micah.  And it all seemed right...the way it was supposed to be.  He is funny, creative, and tender.  He loves his sisters, adores his daddy, and clings to his mommy...and Grandpa...Grandpa is his best friend.  Micah, this one tiny little boy, has brought so much love into our lives.  The other night, Micah said his first prayer.  It was not only adorable, but it warmed my heart.  Perhaps he's too young to say, but I do believe he has the gift of faith...of believing.  I have had this sense about him before, and when he said that tiny little prayer, I felt it.  It's just a feeling.  And hopefully as he grows, we will continue to teach him and he will know the right source to get the answers he needs.  He is a light in our home.

Samantha has been blessed with two siblings who love her, take care of her, and will there with her.  As we wait for our next child, I sit back with gratitude in my heart for what we have today.

We are blessed.  


Annie Packard said...

Beautiful Mama, beautiful kids!!!!!!

Bonnie M said...

Beautiful blog. I think people are really scared right now because of Zika and your stories of understanding how precious life is on any plain is wonderful. For all three of your children, I am grateful that you are their parents and that they get to be so loved.


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