Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween 2014...Stage One

Halloween is a ridiculously fun time! Seriously love it. When I was young, I threw together my costumes and that was a huge part of the fun actually. I was a punk rocker I don't know how many times. Fortune Teller. Siamese Twin with my friend Meaghan...yes, we fell a couple times when our walking wasn't coordinated...but it was awesome!

It seems like Halloween is bigger now than it was when I was younger. But maybe not. Maybe it's just being on the Mom-end instead of being the kid. For my kids, we have Trunk or Treating at the church, the school Halloween party, and then the real deal...the official Halloween.

Today, we capture Stage One of Halloween. The ward Trunk or Treat and party!

Callie was soooo excited to be Elsa. She's been planning it for months now. But I didn't pull out the costume and have her put it on until Friday after school! That may have been mean of me, but boy did it make for an excited girl for her first Halloween party!

"Me be Olaf!" 

Marcus, yep, he's Sven.

And I was Kristoff, because as Callie said, I "have the hair for him."
(Callie took the picture.)

See what I mean? Halloween is ridiculously fun!

Callie looked great, and Sammy looked so adorable all night. She was just as beautiful as her Elsa sister.

Frozen Sisters

Our family at the party.
Micah won Cutest Costume with Danica who was also Olaf. I wish I had gotten a picture of the two of them together. They were pretty adorable.

I think we made a pretty good Frozen Family...Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.
Yay for Halloween!


The_Joneses said...

Come trick or treating with us, Jenny, and we can get a picture of the 2 Olafs together! Your kids look adorable.

Sharee said...

I have to say, I actually think your family's costumes were my very favorite! I love that you were Kistoff and Marcus was Sven. How cute is that??


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