Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Boy

This boy. I love this boy so dearly. There are times that are difficult. Sure. In fact, I wondered a few times this week if it was too late for me to take up drinking! After a few crazy days, I very clearly understood why moms have a nice drink of wine at the end of the day. Holy smokes. He has been screaming and throwing tantrums. Were limbs being cut off? No. Hair pulled out? No. But I'm confident our neighbors may have had those suspicious with how loud he was. He's been hitting, throwing items across the room. Just good 'ole two year old emotions running wild. I know that's what it is, and by the end of the day...I'm wiped out.

But this boy. This boy melts my heart. He gives the best hugs. Says the funniest things. Yesterday I had to wake him up from his nap. What did he tell me? "My eyes are falling out." He must have still been half dreaming because when I repeated, "Your eyes are falling out?" He confirmed, "Yes, my eyes are falling out." He's funny. He's determined. He's smart. He's pure love.

It's amazing the amount of joy that one person can add. Every little ounce of him, every little word...every hug, kiss, a kiss from heaven.

This boy. He has smitten so many it's hard to keep track. But how blessed I feel that he was placed in our arms the day he was born. I give prayers of gratitude every day that he is in our home...for the light he brings...and the love he shares. I'm in awe of how this little boy has brought together two families ~ his birth family and our own. His story continues to unfold day to day, but it surely began with a poetic bang. I love this boy with all my heart.

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