Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Best

Marcus had some meetings before church, so I got the kids ready and tried to capture a picture of them in their Easter outfits. Yes, Easter is next week. But, as next week is General Conference, at church we did our Easter program today with beautiful music, incredible talks, and inspired messages. I will filled today. 

But this was crazy!
 I tried. First take is never a keeper, right?

 And this...too cute. Callie is giving me a 1/2 fake smile, but it's making Sammy giggle as she looks up at her and Micah is checking Sammy out. It may be my favorite because it so much captures our life.
 Still can't get Sammy to look at anything but her siblings.

 So I go for an individual shot. And, she only looks a little crazy.

 Micah looks dapper. I love him in bow ties.

 And Callie's a princess. She was so excited to wear her new shoes and carry her empty purse.

And just for a little comic relief, one more try of Sammy...nah. Maybe next time.

Yes, we were late for church. 
Worth it.

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