Thursday, March 12, 2015


A few years ago I realized that I don't believe in luck. In the simplest explanation, I'd just say that "luck" does not exist...we create our "luck."  I can see how some would feel discouraged by this statement or belief. After all, if they feel they have been unlucky in life, then they can blame...luck. But if success and good fortune is a result of our own actions...and they feel they have not received such goodness in their lives...well then...who is to blame? It's kind of depressing to think we are the masters of our own fortune, or misfortune.

The good news, to me, is that this can change. At any time, we have the ability to change of view of life, to change our perspective about circumstances, and to change what actually happens in our lives. Some call it the law of attraction. Others loosely call it karma. I don't care what you call it, but I do have the strong belief that goodness begets begets love.  And the more positive we are, the more goodness we receive...or maybe it's just the more goodness we notice.

So when I read this article, what struck me was this man referring to himself as "lucky."

I say there's no such thing as luck...and I wrote about it.

Disclaimer: With all this said...being the Irish lady that I am...will still enjoy St. Patrick's Day, listen to Celtic music, and talk of leprechauns and being lucky.

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