Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I believe that our children need to know how great they are...how they are instilled with greatness. They need to know that from us, their parents, and they need to hear it every single day. They need to know they are incredible and that their potential is limitless. They'll need to work and put forth the effort, but their desires and dreams are within reach...because they are divine. Do I sit down and do a little speech everyday? No. But I try to at least tell each of them that I love them each and every day.

So today, I put Micah in the car...and for whatever reason I was struck by his divine potential. I turned around before driving off and said, "Micah, do you know you are such an amazing little boy? So many people love you and will always love you. You are great and will do great things." 

That's when he picked his nose.

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Heidi said...

I worry about people who don't have kids. What keeps them humble? That's what I wanna know.


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