Monday, October 27, 2008

Not So Pretty

Oh so sweet.

And we do think Samantha is sweet, but this ain't so pretty! (But it sure does make us laugh pretty hard.)


Heidi Ashworth said...

That is a total crack up! I just love that we live in a day and age when we can record and store such things--when my kids were little my heart would just ache sometimes. I would wish so much that I could store up in a bottle that smile or that laugh. Yes, we had technology back then, but it wasn't as good and kids are the same now as they were then--they never perform when you want them to. It is tons easier with the faster cameras we have now.

Kirstin said...

I laugh that you will make fun of the picture. I think it is adorable, and a great picture to have.... You will love looking back on it. So will Sam! The pumpkin patch looked fun. No donuts or Cider? Are they crazy? Even the little place here in Santaquin, Utah has donuts and cider!


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