Sunday, April 5, 2009

Afternoon In The Park

Today was such a beautiful day, finally, we decided to take part of the afternoon and go to the park. (Thanks April and Bryant for letting us use your camera for the day.)

Sammy on the swing.

We have been working very hard on trying to get Sammy to hold our hand while she walks. It's one of the goals I set with her physical therapist when we moved here. It was one of my priorities. It's just too dangerous to have her walking around all over the place, and as she grows, I won't be able to carry her everywhere. I practice as much as I can. She has been getting better and better, and today Marcus was able to see how far she's come. She walked all around the park holding our hands. What a sweet little girl! (Note: These are the cute black shoes I bought at Walmart. I love them! And she really walks well in them.)

Pine Cones!!!

Sammy loved this pole. I couldn't get her away from it! What an angel.

Callie was a little unsure about this, but she stayed on for a few seconds. Enough to get a picture anyway.

Back on the swings. Callie giggled so much! She would put her head way back as she swung to and fro and just laugh and laugh. It was so funny. She could stay on those swings all day.

Though it makes me a little nervous, don't worry...she never fell out of the swing.

Just recently we realized how big Callie is getting. She is a little girl now...shorter than most her age, but still, such a little girl. She loves her headbands, shoes, and feeding herself with a fork. She is so cute, and getting cuter everyday.


Heather said...

Those pictures are fun! Sammy looks so tall and Callie is for sure gorwing up. Looks like a fun spring day

JAZKK Low said...

Love Sammy's curls!

maryirene said...

i love her hair! are those with the curlers you got? so fun!


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