Monday, April 6, 2009

Jenny's Bracket

Am I amazing or what?! One night Marcus casually asked me to participate in the NCAA tournament bracket with some of his friends. Sure. Why not? So, I picked my teams. And, here you go folks. I called it. Pay attention to the 99.67%. That means, for all you out of the loop, that my bracket is more accurate than 99.67% of all those guys across the country to claim to know a thing or two about college basketball. HA! I laugh in your face!
(Marcus got 79% -- way to go...but not quite 99.67%)


Anonymous said...

haha, that's awesome!

Lori and Matt said...

Holy Cow!!! I'm way impressed! I didn't do too well this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jenny. WOW. I am going to show this to Brian. He is going to flip. This is very impressive.

JAZKK Low said...

That is WICKED!!


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