Monday, October 12, 2009

Goodbye to Friends

Somethings I won't miss about Spokane...namely, the snow. But I will miss my friends that I made. I will miss the Knighton's house. I loved going over there, though I didn't do it enough if you ask me, and having Samantha and Callie play with Jacob and Anna in their yard. I loved that they had a yard! I loved that they had a garden with a small plot of dirt set aside for the kids to play in, and Callie would regularly put handfuls of dirt (unfertilized) in her mouth. I loved the swing that they had on the patio that Samantha loved. And I loved this meal that Amanda and Holly put together for us. It was yummy,and it was just a fun way to say goodbye.

Looks like Sammy was playing in that dirt too!

Me, Amanda, and Holly

Jacob and Jaden. Love these little boys! I love that Jacob was always so excited to see my car pull up and to play with Sammy and Callie. And I love that whenever Jaden saw me, he'd say "It's Jenny Green." So cute!

Callie was on a huge watermelon kick around the time we left. I learned something new: watermelon can stain. I had to oxyclean it and use bleach (thanks Holly)

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Quinn said...

Is that Holly Hynes (don't know her married name? We grew up together. I'm sure you will miss Spokane.


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