Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quick Trip to Utah

The week of our move, Samantha and I headed down to Utah for a very quick trip. She had an appointment with her neurologist. There were a lot of people that I wanted to catch up with, but our time was really short. Lori -- THANK YOU for letting me stay with you and use your car -- was a lifesaver. And it was so fun to catch up with her. Lori, I didn't get any pictures of us together! Grrr Dumb Jenny. We stayed up way too late watching Grey's Anatomy and talking talking talking, but it really was a fabulous short trip. (And, I learned that trip that I think I want to buy some Proactiv. Does anyone else out there use it? I want more testimonials from people I know. I used it one day and felt like I saw a difference. One day? Is that possible?)

Me and Arielle before the appointment

The day of the doctor appointment I caught up with some freshman friends. That was 10 years ago! Yikes. I was already in SLC, so we met up at Marci's place. It was so fun. I love these girls. You know those people that you don't see forever, you don't have a conversation with in forever, but when you see each other, it's just like the good ole days? Yep. These are those girls.

Reagan, Me, Marci and the gang after the appointment

After I went to the doctor, I met up with the ladies at the zoo. The Hogle Zoo isn't really anything to jump up and down about, but it was a whole lot nicer than when I went 10 years ago. I'm impressed. They've really worked on this zoo. And the kids loved it of course. Thanks Marse for the zoo pass. It was fun.

After a few too many late nights and a trip to the zoo, Sammy was pretty tired on the way back down to Provo...but even with her eyes half shut, she still has a little grin. That's my little sweetheart.

It was also fun to be in Provo to see Bryan. He's a busy man but made time for his #1 sister-in-law and Sammy. (Annie, you're a really really close second...and my feeling is at Christmas you'll pass me up. Heads up Bryan, our gift for you isn't too hot.) Anyway. It was fun to hang out with Bryan. I met Bryan before Marcus and I were dating. I felt like we always clicked -- maybe he just has enough social intelligence to make me feel that way. But either way, I just like being around him. Even though this picture looks a little vampire-esque, I think it's darn cute.


maryirene said...

fun! so glad you got that chance. it is so great to catch up with old friends.

Lindsay Jane said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I've used Proactiv and didn't love it. My face was dried out and uncomfortable however I did love the mask. I used it as a spot treatment and still think about it (maybe I should go buy some...). I have very minor acne but after a zit heals the site is red for a long time which I hate. Right now I'm thinking about the oil cleansing method found here: http://simplemom.net/oil-cleansing-method/. I'm on a prescription pill and ointment which work ok, but not great. The oil stuff seems logical but we'll see. I'll blog about it when the trial period is over.

Courtney said...

I used Proactiv in high school and it worked great, but it doesn't work for me anymore. My skin freaked out after I had Bria (gotta love hormones!), and Proactiv didn't work that time. But it is nice that you can try it and if you don't like it, they give you your money back. So I would definitely try it.
I use Skin ID now. it's made by neutrogena, but you can only order it online (skinid.com). It's completely personalized, and it's about the same cost as proactiv. I love it. My skin hasn't been this great since high school.
So. There's my two cents. :)

Brent & Andrea said...

That's cool that you know Arielle. She is one of our clients at the vet. Nice lady!

Glad you had a fun trip to UT :)

rachel said...

I hope the appointment went well. It sounds like you were able to squeeze a lot in to your trip!


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