Thursday, October 21, 2010


What I love about this picture -- 
Abby: Birthday girl right up front ready for the picture.
Owen: The lone boy in the picture.  His body language seems to shout, "What!?  Pink? How am I possibly going to eat this!?"
Natalie: That little tongue diving into the frosting.
Katie: Her scrunched up face.
Avery: Her perfect smile and bright eyes -- and check out those cheeks!
Callie: Wearing her ballerina shirt with her glittery silver skirt...she's lookin' mighty cute.  Pretty much perfect.  Oooo I love this girl.

Nothing like cupcakes at the park to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Thanks Abby for being born and for sharing your pink cupcakes.  We sure love ya ~ and we'll definitely miss you when you move away. (weep, sigh)

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