Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ready for School

This picture is actually kind of old but just found it again in my camera.  This girl is going to be so ready to start school!  She loves waiting for the bus with her backpack.  I know she'll love it, but there's such a different feeling about the idea of Callie starting school.  I feel like, in a way, she's more vulnerable than Samantha.  I'm not sure if this makes sense, but because she has good cognitive understanding and is a bright little girl, I'm afraid of all the stuff she'll be exposed to...the taking sides, back biting, being yelled at by other kids, having hurt feelings, feeling incompetent...all that stuff.  Oh how I want to protect my little baby.  But, she'll be fine, and that day is still off in the distance...but when I see this, it just makes me think.  I love my princess.

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