Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For Three Years

Today I feel so blessed.  It's hard to put into words the feelings a mother, or any parent for that matter, has for her child.  Even still, we feel compelled to attempt the share, in words, how we adore our children and how deeply we love them. 

For three years, Callie has been in our lives.  (Actually, if I want to be really technical, she will have been in our lives for three full years on January 7.)  And for every day of those three years, my life has been greatly enhanced because of my sweet daugther, Callie.  For three years she has added a definite level of spunk.  She has made me laugh.  She has made me cry.  She has added to my hope and faith.  She has brought sunshine when I allowed clouds to overshadow the sun's rays.  She has filled our home with playful laughter and sincere, true love.  I can't help but think of her birthmother on this day, among other days, and wonder what she may be thinking.  If I could tell her one thing, it would be that Callie is intensely and insanely loved in this home.  I can't imagine my life without her.  She's, first, my daughter.  But more than that, she's my buddy.  Sure, I love her to death...but I also really really like her.  She's witty and clever, smart and adventurous.  The past three years have been pretty amazing with this girl. 

I love you Callie.


Heidi said...

She's a keeper, all right.

Bryant and April said...

Happy Birthday Callie!

rachel said...

I'm so glad you have her!


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