Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful 6: Self-Regulation

hmmm not sure how to title this one.

Samantha and Callie have been waking up super early. And, unlike Samantha who has a hard time adjusting and will just be upset when she's tired, Callie takes matters into her own hands.

Today, at 10am, Callie decided she was tired. And went to bed. It's not 11:30. She needed a nap and knew it. And is still sleeping.

Callie has always understood that when she's tired, sleep is what she needs. As a baby, she'd go to her room, grab her blanket (gankie) and pacifier and come out to show us, indicating she wanted to go to bed. What baby does that?! I'll tell you: only the SUPER angelic ones. I lucked out. Yeah, she's a kid and so she gets grumpy when she's tired and she'll have tantrums, but overall, she understands when she's tired that sleep will help.

So, here's to self-regulated sleep. I love that girl of mine.


Rob and Marseille said...

wow that's not normal ;)

Maren B said...

That is wonderful! Good job, Callie!


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