Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful 7: Change

I love change. Sometimes, in the moment, I don't always love it...but after it's always been a good thing. Recently, we've had some changes.

I went from this

someone needs to photoshop those heavy duty bags! woa. freaky.

to this.

scary Jenny, but you get the idea -- shorter and darker -- though it's not too obvious in this here picture

From this

struggling in her movements

to this.

better body control

From this

curious little girl

to this.

a beautiful princess

Change is good. In my life, change is welcome. Sometimes change is big...sometimes small. But either way, change allows us to sluff off the old...get a new perspective and move forward. Try something new. Give a different approach. Change can be the one thing we fear the most, but need more than anything else. So, I choose to embrace it. Even when the change has been difficult, it's always transformed me in a better way. Hey, I figure if I want to exfoliate my face -- get rid of the old cells that are hiding fresh, new, alive, and YOUNGER looking cells {in essence, change my face} -- it's got to apply to my overall life, right?

So, today I moved Samantha and Callie's furniture around, and I'm fully expecting to look better. younger.

Here's to CHANGE.

I'm sure grateful for 'ya. 

1 comment:

Launi said...

i totally agree with and love your perspective on this! also, i love and miss you and your whole fam!


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