Sunday, January 15, 2012


 Nope, not this guy...

but this space western.  Really? you ask.  Yes.  Indeed.  A space western.  Sounds totally and completely lame.  And really, you may have a solid argument, but I love it.  This beauty lasted only 1 season (I know, I'm only adding to your argument), and then the cult following demanded more.  So, they finished it off with a movie that I'm really excited to see.  I'm not kidding here!  

Firefly.  If you haven't seen it...we've got Castle as the Captain (Malcolm), Alan Tudyk as the pilot...who's actually been in a lot but most recently is playing Noah in Suburgatory, Morena Baccarin the "companion" who played Anna the head alien in V, Adam Baldwin as Jayne (yes, Jayne) who is John in Chuck, and friends, we even have a young Zac Efron.  That's right.

So, though I haven't been updating too much here, I wanted you all to know that my time hasn't been wasted.  I've been watching Firefly -- and sure I've been busy with other things as well.  But I'll get caught up soon enough.

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Launi said...

josh is obsessed with this show. and frankly, i love it too! glad you're a fellow fan! :)


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