Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

oooooo I have such a hard time with this. I cringe to even admit I read this. Call me niave and sheltered...or whatever else you want to call me...but there were parts I just had to skip over. The sexual nature of the book was a bit much for me, especially the violence. But the story was so compelling. I wanted to know how it all ended. I gave it 3 stars only because I felt like I couldn't honestly give it 4 when I find that I'm scared to admit how much I liked it...even though I couldn't read parts of it! AH! Reading can be such a complicated sport.

I had no idea what the book was about when I started reading. I know, right?! It's all over the place. Everyone was talking about it; it's a movie for cryin' out loud. But, I never really knew the plot. I knew the title and that was about it. As I read, I realized, "What? They're hunting down a murderer?!" Yeah, people. It's a mystery. And it's thick and crazy, and seriously insane. I haven't read anything that made me crave the ending so much -- I just wanted to know how all the ends got tied up. I do have to say, I like Blomkvist. Salander, just weird. And I don't like, at all, when authors seem to through in some kind of sexual relationship that has no impact on the story line. And I felt like that happened. I dont' think this is a spoiler -- I think we know early on that he and his coworker have been in a relationship for years now even though she is married. I mean, why? It had nothing to do with the story. They could have just been best friends even though she was married. Whateva'. Why throw sex in there? Unnecessary. Keep it clean people. I mean, talk about your psycho murderers, but keep it clean...uhhh...maybe I just need to avoid this genre. Anyway.

Alas, I will not read the remaining 2 books in the trilogy. I actually have no desire to, which is a relief in some respects. (Again, you can call me whatever names you'd like.) And even though this was a thrilling, exciting mystery, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, only because parts were just too disturbing.

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Lori and Matt said...

I was exactly like you. Matt and I listened to it in the car- there were some very vulgar parts- but I wanted to hear how it ended. Decent story- crummy parts to fill in the gaps- sad!


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