Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Grateful Heart

It never fails...when I'm in the need for a serious perspective check, I get it.  And nearly 100% of the time it's from my friends and their situations.

I was feeling mopey.  We all do occassionally, right?  I was stressed, frustrated, and...mopey.  Then I read my friends' blogs, or talk to them, and am reminded that I have a pretty amazing life and, who cares what happens next?  Not a "who cares" in an apathetic way, but a "who-cares-when-life-is-so-good" kind of way.  hm.  Does that make sense?

I have a friend whose daughter is just starting to have seizures and I'm so grateful that (cross our fingers and keep praying) that our crazy seizure days are over.  Yes, those were the hardest months/years, but we have passed that part and I'm optimistic that we have passed them for good.  Sammy's seizures keep getting better -- less often and less intense.  What a relief.  And here my friend is just entering that painful world.  Perspective.  Check.

Another friend of mine is so dear to me.  We have met only 1 time, but her son's story, and the entire family's story, has changed me.  Caleb was born with very little brain, one eye, and was told he would not live a day.  He just turned 7 years old.  Seven!  It hasn't been an easy 7 years, but they do it...and with a smile.  He is an incredible little boy and his mission here on this earth, I think, is to change hearts (among other things).  And as amazing as he is, I cry everytime I think of him passing away.  April and I went out to dinner with some friends when I was in Utah, and she mentioned how there were some things she wanted for their family before he died.  Perspective.  Check.

Another woman...I read her blog and we've emailed a couple times.  I found their blog close to the time that her son died.  It's been over a year now, and she has been so honest at how painful it's been. 

My friend just has major surgery for a cancer tumor they found that was quite massive.

I visit a woman whose husband was diagnosed with cancer and only weeks later was gone.

I have friends who are divorcing, friends who are unemployed, friends who are struggling with depression, miscarriages, and life in general. 
And when I'm reminded of all that everyone else deals with, I find myself extremely grateful.  Because no matter what it is that I want, today, I have an incredible husband.  He has a job.  We have a roof over our heads.  Samantha is healthy and seems to be progressing.  Callie is an angel.  We are surrounded by so much love and support and ... greatness.  Could things be better?  Yes.  But despite that, are things pretty great now?  Definitely.

It's all how you look at it.  The crazy thing is, all my friends who have these hard things going on in their lives, I think they'd be writing the same things.  They each have this perspective on life that I admire and helps me stay in line.  They are strong women full of faith. 

And tonight, I am grateful.


Heidi said...

I needed this today, Jenny. Thanks.

The Bobos said...

You are my friend that I keep in mind when I need some perspective. Thanks for being you!

Amelia said...

Great post. Thanks Jenny. This is SO true. I complain way too much. And about what? Things that don't matter. All about gratitude and living each moment each day. Why can't I remember this?? :)


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