Friday, January 2, 2015

Goodness and Wheels

I love Christmas. It's an exciting time. I love giving's my love language...or service. I'm confused because to me giving gifts can be service. So who knows what I am, but I love to give gifts. Boom. There you have it. And I start thinking about people and what I want to do for them starting around July. There are 2 main reasons to think Christmas in July.

1. I get excited and it makes me happy.

2. Because if I can get things done earlier, than there's no rush at the end. I get to enjoy the season and feel the spirit of the season so much more. And that makes me happy.

So, back in July, I was thinking about our kidlets. Callie. I knew she'd been enjoying scooters. Though she had never asked for one, I thought she would love it. Micah. He needed a bike. I regret that we didn't get Callie on a bike sooner and didn't want to make that mistake again. I was looking at a Strider Bike. Sammy. This wasn't a Christmas thought, but since we're talking about wheels, we've been wanting to get her a bike that costs roughly $4,500. But that purchase would require a lot more thought and planning.

Fast forward.

November: I went to Savers looking for a large mirror. As I walked around, I saw a scooter for $4.99! Are you kidding me?! Immediately that sucker was purchased and hidden in the garage. It was a little scuffed up, but it worked great. Yes, I tested it out in the store to make sure. I'm just kind of thrilled about the amazing deal and for whoever decided to donate it instead of trashing it...and donating it to really the only second-hand store I go to! (I have a thing about Good Will and only go to Savers in this area. That's another topic though)

December: I was very determined to get Micah a Strider bike. A new bike store opened by our house and I even talked to the guy about it. I was ready. Then our car needed about $700 in repairs. Regrettably, I went back to the store and told him I wouldn't be ordering a bike. I was so sad. On Christmas Eve my friend, Christine, sent me a text. "Will you be home later tonight? We have something we want to drop off." I was expecting a plate of cookies or some other Christmas treat, but what did I see when I opened the door?! A wrapped up Strider Bike! I was floored. Marcus and I were speechless, just staring at each other wide eyed!

January: Today we received another delivery. You guessed it. Sammy's new BIKE! WHAT? Well, new to us anyway. Years ago I was contacted by a publisher and asked to read a book and write a review. For the Love of Aimee was written by Julie Matsushima, Aimee's grandmother, and touched my heart. Aimee is so much like Sammy I felt like much of what she wrote were words from my own heart. Years later, Julie and I met. We used Sweatin' for Sammy to raise awareness and money for an all accessible park being built in San Jose, a project that Julie is heading up through the Rotary Club of San Jose. Julie had bought the bike for Aimee, and since Aimee doesn't use it anymore...she thought of Sammy. Her son just drove down from Modesto and delivered it! The bike, new, is roughly $4,500. Used, they could get at least 1/2. It's old, but it's in good shape. They gave this to us. Gifted it over to another little girl who will use it just like Aimee did. And I'm...just so grateful. I'm looking forward to our family walks together, where Sammy can ride along...not just sit in her wheelchair.

These pictures are from a couple years ago. Callie and I went to Sammy's class for a party and Callie was able to push Sammy on the bike and LOVED it! The new bike doesn't have this high back on it. It will fit her size just perfectly! I can't wait to use her new bike with her in will certainly be coming in the near future.

Here's the thing. We can get good deals all over the place. If I went to the store and was given free bikes, that would be awesome. But it means so much more when there is love and friendship behind it. My heart is so full of love and gratitude for our friends, but also for people in general. There is so much good in the world, and I'm lucky to be a recipient of that goodness. I hope that I can be the source of that goodness for others too.

Life is so so good.


Lant Family said...

That was so sweet to read! I love hearing things like that's. And I like savers too :) I always find good things there.

The Nelsons said...

This is a day making post. Love it.


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