Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Mothers in My Life, and Open Adoption

I am so blessed to have an incredible mom. She has ALWAYS been my biggest fan. Largely because of her, I have been able to accomplish so much in my life. She has given me a drive to do whatever I set my mind to. And all those things I do are a very important part of my life. I'm so grateful that she instilled this sense of strength in me.

I've had other women in my life who have supported what my mom was able to teach me...young women leaders, friend's moms, extended family members. I'm so grateful for all those women in my life who mothered me along the way.

So when people worry about open adoption and what that means, how it can be confusing to have two mothers, I think about my life. I was surrounded by love, by those who had my best interest in mind. Why would I want to shut out people who love my children and have their best interest in mind as well?

When Callie was born, my friend, Heather, gave me this poem. I have it posted in my article and briefly share my feelings about it. Thank you Heather for the gift 7 years ago. I love it.

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