Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bridal Shower for Lindsey!!!

Lindsey Gets Married
Part I

Lindsey got married and it was super exciting for us all. I planned a bridal shower for her and here the kids are painting her wrapping paper. This was their way of being a part of the gift as well. This was actually dishes that my mom got her. I put together a cookbook of some of my favorite recipes and some homemade vanilla. But I think between the dishes, cookbook, and vanilla...yeah, the wrapping paper was the best part.

For the party favors I made my cinnamon honey butter. mmmm I love that stuff. I can't start eating it or I'll eat the entire jar! On warm toast? Heavenly.

Is she not the stinkin' cutest?! I loved it. She was glowing and so happy. I have a little hunch she wasn't thrilled to be the center of attention, but she was having fun and I think felt all our love.

So not only is Lindsey Micah's birthmom, but she is marrying into an incredible adoption story as well. Steve, her husband, was adopted. In this picture is Rudy, his birthmom, and Kathy...his mom. I love how open their adoption is. It's becoming way more common place now, but then it was probably not the norm and I love it.

Sue Capson helped me with the shower. I threw it, but had nowhere to have it. I needed someone to host it because I had a pretty good feeling no one wanted to drive 45 minutes down to my place. Thank goodness for this lovely lady who freely offered her home...and provided the food.

After the shower I wanted to do something with just Lindsey and the bridesmaids. So, pedicures it was! Lindsey and Catie.

Jessica going for a manicure instead.
Me and Cindy, the beautiful mother of the bride.

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