Friday, February 20, 2015

It Keeps Happening...

The other night it was time for dinner. It was me and the kids. I put Sammy in her chair and Micah and Callie got into theirs. The food was there. Callie said a prayer. And I looked around.

All the kids were there. But someone was missing at the table...but it wasn't Marcus. I mean, logically I knew he was at work, so I was expecting him to be at the table. One of the kids was missing. And then it occurred to me that logically no one was missing because we have 4, wait...3 kids and they were all present.

This has been happening kind of a lot this week. I'm not sure why exactly. It could be because I held little baby Jonas at church on Sunday...or that I finally was able to steal Liam from Grammy and hold him for a tiny tiny bit too. Maybe holding those babies did something to me that wants to speed up this whole adoption process. Or maybe it's just a little soft reminder from the Lord that He has one waiting for us. That we will be a family of 6 sometime in the future. Whatever it is, it keeps happening and it's really throwing off my game. I'm a busy woman and going around looking for kids I don't yet have is kind of crazy. But, in all honesty, I do crazy pretty well.

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