Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wedding Day

Lindsey Gets Married
Part II

A few nights before, we all tried on our clothes to make sure we were ready. These kids were killer cute and ready to roll. See that tie? Rose Adams sewed it for Micah. It was an extra tie that Steve gave me so Micah would match the groomsmen...and Rose made it happen. What a cute little dude.

Callie helped get Micah's shoes on because, well, Micah insisted.

Sammy wasn't too excited about this little dress rehearsal. Oh well.

Lindsey and Steve were sealed in the Oakland Temple on Friday night. Lee, Peggy, Marcus, and I attended the sealing and then, the next morning, we headed back to the temple for pictures.

The morning of pictures was long and really nice. The kids did really well. Poor Callie, though, fell and scraped up her leg really bad. Like, really really bloody and scraped up. She was hurt, embarrassed, and devastated that this HUGE bandaid would be in all the pictures. But she got over it and began playing again soon after.

We had some time in between pictures and the reception. I went to the church to help Cindy finish up decorating before things started. Then, we all got our cowgirl gear back on and got ready for the beautiful night.

 You can see her bandage was needing to be changed at this point, but we were out of bandages. Poor girl. It's been a few weeks since this and it's still healing up. But look at how beautiful she looks.

 Love this woman!

Callie and Micah had fun playing with Austin during the reception. Micah and Austin (Lindsey's cousin) are only a few months apart in age. Lindsey was his nanny for a few months.

And Sammy danced with Grammy. It really was a completely lovely night. I loved being a part of this perfect evening. Lindsey, we love you!

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Lant Family said...

What a beautiful wedding, love your dresses. You guys all look great!


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