Monday, June 15, 2009

Series of Sammy Sam

The other night I was showing Marcus some pictures of Samantha that I had taken earlier that day. Now, Sammy is a funny subject to photograph. She's very difficult to work with...but when you get a good shot of her, it's magical. She is just adorable. I was determined to get a good was my series of attempts.

In constant motion

Woa Sammy, a bit too close

Alright, let's slow down and take the food out of your mouth

Not such a pretty face

Falling over

And this is the classic shot of Sammy making her "woa woa woa" sounds. When we were going through the series of these pictures, we were laughing, but when we got to this...Marcus started laughing so hard, Crystal Light came out his nose!

AH. That darling perfect face, big blue eyes, and little blond bob. She makes me melt.

Again, on the move
Now, there's the smile I was looking for. I love that little flip of hair by her face. See? Magic.


Courtney and Sam said...

She's so cute! I love it.

rachel said...

I love those pictures. Especially the last one! I'll have to call you soon. Jenny, the conference was AWESOME and I have so much to tell you about it.


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