Saturday, June 6, 2009

With the Greens

Here is Memorial Day weekend in no particular order....
Under Grammy's supervision, Callie climbs up the ladder.

Callie cuddling up to Uncle Bryan.

Wait a minute, there are two steering wheels. Who's really driving this machine?

I've seen other babies in this super cute Target suit. Sooo cute.

Sammy with Aunt Lisi.

For some reason, I just love pictures like this -- kids walking while holding a hand. In particular, with Sammy, I love it because we have worked so hard in physical therapy to get her to this point where she will actually walk holding a hand. The only real beautiful shots of Manito Park that we got were of the girls with family. Those are the real picture keepers anyway. Who needs to see beautiful gardens when you've got these girlies?

Callie playing with Daddy and Grandpa

Sammy, Colin, and Analisa with this other family in the Japanese Garden at Manito.

Sammy and Bryan, I'm sure, just before she scratched his ear and forehead and pulled out a chunk of hair. Just look at that face. She was thinking up something devious.

The new trick that Sammy couldn't get enough of.

There was plenty of giggling each time...though I'm not sure who laughed more, Sammy or all of us.
Thanks for visiting! We miss you all.


Heather said...

Those are some great pictures! We went to Manito park when we went up last July to visit JJs family. It is a very pretty park. Sammy is so cute walking.

yellow buttercups said...

Now that is a happy bunch to see for sure! Thanks for sharing and so glad you all had that time together!
Love, Jan


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