Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bum-Deal Bro

emily maynard and brad womack on After the Final Rose

Wow!  Did not see this split coming.
for any of you who are unsure, this is full of sarcasm.

I didn't follow the show, but watching this episode was tragic.  I mean, really.  It was obvious that these 2 were not going to make it.  And as silly as I think the show is, I like the idea of happiness and love...no matter where you find it.  I mean, being happy is a good thing.  And finding love is a good thing.  So, if somehow some couple does get beyond the ostentatious bachelor with extravagant dates and vacations (that no real person could afford on their own) and and and...then great.  I'd like people to be happy.  It does, however, come as no surprise to me when these "engagements" don't work out.  A real part of me feels bad for them -- for the time wasted in their attempt to find "the one" but, oh well.  Why I feel compelled to share my opinion on this, I'm not sure. 

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Maren B said...

I know, I always wonder, "do they really think they will find love on that show? really? REALLY??? or is it mostly just fun being on tv?"


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