Monday, April 4, 2011

what would you do?

Say someone wanted to do a 5K for your child, to raise money for a therapy, and you were responsible to come up with a logo of sorts for the t-shirts.  (sigh)  Say you were also someone who wasn't all that creative, so the pressure of this somewhat sent you into a whirlwind of confusion.  (SIGH)  I'm so excited about the prospect of this, but I really don't know where to begin. 

Where would you start? 
What images do you think of when you think of Samantha?
What's a phrase that's catchy and ... good?

Any input, at this point, is much appreciated and very beneficial.  Now I Can already uses "Running to Walk" for their annual 5K...which I love.  But...hmmm.  Ideas I have thus far:

"Team Sammy"
"Team Samantha"
"Team Sammer Jammer"
"One Little Girl Leaving a Big Footprint on the World"
"Running for the Samsquatch"
"Run for the Jammer"
"Little Head, Big Heart"  (um, ok, maybe not)  But we could say...
"Little Legs, Big Heart"  (I don't like that much either) about...

Running for a Miracle, Running for Sammy

oh.  i need help.


Kimba said...

Mmmm....I like your ideas! I'll keep thinking...but I'm in! :)

Missy said...

Ok, this might be a really lame idea, but I can't help but offer it anyways. What if you used the logo "Sammy's Club" playing off of the Sam's Club logo (like the one at the top of this site Club means a group of people with a common interest or goal, or a charitable group, so it makes sense to me that the people running for her would wear a shirt that had that on it:) My husband said he could easily make that logo from scratch and change the words if you are interested. If not, it is totally fine, just thought I'd throw it out there:)Good luck with whatever you decide!

reggstyl said...

I love Running For the Samsquatch :) I'm going to email you a designer contact that I have that could help if you're interested...

Missy said...

my email is We would be changing the logo up just enough to where there wouldn't be a problem. My husband works on a website design team so he is pretty good with illustrator which should provide a high enough quality of image to use for t-shirts. Let me know if you are interested and we'll go to work:) if not I won't be offended!


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