Friday, April 22, 2011

The Park

Callie and I get to spend a lot of time together.  As much as I would have liked another baby by now, I feel I've been blessed to have so much one on one time with my little girl.  Though Samantha gets special treatment -- let's just face it, it's true -- and attention because of all these different therapies, etc, Callie gets her share of attention and love.  It's just different. 

So, what are some things that I get to do with Callie?  One thing we both like to do (and she LOVES to do) is go to the park.  Callie is so adventurous and fun.  And she can climb up any jungle gym like it's nothin'.  The girl is amazing to watch, and she's been this way since she was a baby...just wants to jump in and do it.  She's so agile; she's fun to watch.  Once a week I try to go to the park with other ladies and their kids from church, but that doesn't always happen.  No matter what though, we get to the park.  One of the many things we do together.  I love you Callie Belle.

Oh happy day

Shoveling with Wyatt

hmm Maybe the park is more about Wyatt than the slides.  Check out this stud!

I love that spring is in full force.  Look at the color.  It makes me happy.

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Kimba said...

so cute!! they had such fun together. we love park days too!


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